SatADSL provides operators with a unique and innovative solution, the Cloud Services Delivery Platform (C-SDP).

The C-SDP brings satellite IP connectivity to operator customers without the need to invest time and money.


The C-SDP brings unique and substantial advantages to operators that no other competitor can provide. The innovative, cloud-based solution is the ideal way to outsource satellite infrastructure with:

  • No up-front investment and CapEx
  • Reduced OpEx
  • Fast time to market
  • No commitment
  • Optimized, global coverage

The C-SDP operates over multiple satellites on multiple bands (C, Ku & Ka) using the latest technology from Newtec, iDirect and many more. The C-SDP is accessible throughout a web portal which allows operators to manage the status of the satellite links and on their own clients. Located in the Tier 1 Data Centre, the solution also includes multiple hardware and software network management components, including:

  • Customer Management Tool and white label customer self-care
  • An ultra-flexible billing system
  • Integrated online payment solutions
  • Application management policy
  • A network management system
  • A Wi-Fi-hot-spot management system



SatADSL provides operators and their clients with a Customer Management Tool (CMT), where operators can activate, suspend or manage subscriptions for their customer user terminals in real time and in accordance with client needs. Additional functionalities of the CMT include real-time monitoring of satellite antenna pointing, service availability and connection quality, measuring the connection speed and many other parameters.

To guarantee service continuity, SatADSL monitors the status of the links and transmits this information to the Internet Service Provider (ISP) partners. Although connectivity problems or hardware failures are highly unlikely, this constant monitoring gives peace of mind to users who require constant connectivity, such as banks, as automated alarms are triggered in real-time should there be a disruption to services. This enables a quick reaction to decreased potential service downtime.


Additionally, the C-SDP offers an integrated system to enable operators to flexibly bill their customers.

SatADSL has developed an in-house billing solution to ensure that the core billing of its partners will not be touched. This allows ISPs to fully integrate C-SDP into their own catalogue of services quickly and without a lengthy IT integration process.