Widening satellite possibilities through virtual hubs for ISP, equipping organisations with the ability to share communication easily and efficiently.
Private Maritime Network

Providing high capacity and flexibility in an often-dynamic environment is a key requirement in the Maritime sector. There is a growing need for satellite solutions at sea as constant connectivity becomes the norm for consumers and businesses. 

Our neXat solutions enable our customers to offer competitive, tailored solutions for end-users. In an ever-changing marketplace, the versatility of the SatADSL platform provides opportunities for flexible, tailored, contract-free satellite services to be delivered on Maritime networks. 

Our dynamic and reactive neXat platform is a complete OSS/BSS, carrier-grade, fully redundant platform which allows operators to easily outsource satellite services and value-added services across the Maritime sector.

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Equipping the oil and gas industry with effective communication

SatADSL offers low-cost IP access services by satellite, targeting the Oil & Gas market with specific service offerings tailored to the complex industry needs.

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