Case Study #1: ATM

Access to banking services is an important issue in Africa. However, finding an optimal trade off between bringing financial services as close as possible to the end users in remote locations, on the one hand, and keeping implementation and operational costs under control, on the other hand, is a difficult challenge. Off site ATMs are among the solutions that can be implemented.

The major issue pertaining to the rollout of ATMs  is the availability of affordable, reliable and secured data communications outside large cities and in particular in remote areas, where the connectivity is limited or non-existent.

SatADSL has designed a cost effective ATM solution to enable financial institutions to rollout their networks in urban, suburban or rural areas. The solution enables the secured execution on a real time basis of every transaction from a large and scattered network of ATM. Ecobank, the largest bank in Africa, has chosen SatADSL’s solution to rollout its ATM network across Ghana.