Specialized Solution Providers

SatADSL offers global satellite connectivity, even in the most remote areas, together with tailored solutions for specific user needs to companies specialized in the integration of solutions for global vertical markets.

Our goal is to find the best connectivity solution for companies specializing in


Virtual Hub

SatADSL provides Internet Service Providers (ISP) partners with a web portal, allowing them to access the SatADSL service platform without the need to invest or sign up for a long-term commitment. The virtual hub gives ISP partners information about everything from the status of the satellite links to their own clients.

SatADSL provides operators and their clients with a Customer Management Tool (CMT), where operators can activate, suspend or manage subscriptions for their customer user terminals in real time and in accordance with client needs. Additional functionalities of the CMT include real-time monitoring of the satellite antenna pointing direction, service availability and connection quality, measuring the connection speed and many other parameters.

Network Supervision

SatADSL monitors the status of the links and transmits this information to the Internet Service Provider (ISP) partners. Although connectivity problems or hardware failures are highly unlikely, this constant monitoring gives peace of mind to users who require constant connectivity, such as banks, as automated alarms are triggered in real-time should there be a disruption to services. This enables a quick reaction to decreased potential service downtime.

Data Security

To keep network traffic such as emails, applications and video conferences secure, SatADSL can assign private IP addresses for setting up a private network without access to the public Internet. However, if maintaining public IP addresses is more suitable, a Virtual Private Network (VPN) can be created. This VPN tunnel prevents intrusions from outside parties, while ensuring that data is only accessible by authorized VPN clients.

SatADSL can set up two types of VPN to do exactly that, VPN with Generic Routing Encapsulation (GRE) and OpenVPN. VPN with GRE encapsulates sensitive data in an IP packet. IP routers along the way only parse the outer IP packet as they send it towards the GRE tunnel endpoint. OpenVPN encrypts sensitive data so users must authenticate each other.

Private Networks

SatADSL offers customer-made private network solutions for ISPs and telecommunication network operator:

  • Virtual Networks (VNO) with dedicated bandwidth for a given network of satellite terminals
  • Private communication infrastructure with a private VSAT hub using the Newtec Dialog® platform, and an Operations & Business Support System (OSS/BSS)
  • Or a combination of both