Local isp's complement their offer with fully tailor-made services answering the specific needs of their customers.


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Local isp's complement their offer with fully tailor-made services answering the specific needs of their customers.


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SatADSL works with a network of selected Partners-Distributors in each country.

Our professional Partners -Distributors are familiar with satellite telecommunications and holding the necessary national VSAT licenses. Their role is threefold:

  • Actively market our service, with SatADSL support, to the right target market
  • Guarantee a minimum of end-user equipment stock and spare parts
  • Offer a perfect service including installation as well as after-sales service and first level support to the end-users


Cost Effectiveness

SatADSL offers  professional satellite communication services with prioritisation of critical applications. This quality offering is available for a surprisingly affordable monthly fee and with a low cost, self-installable equipment.

Large Portfolio of Services

SatADSL offers an exceptionally large portfolio of IP access services: from unlimited services with minimum guaranteed data rates and VNO-type of services to specialised services for connecting money transfer offices, ATMs, radio and remote corporate offices.

SatADSL also offers shared services with an unparalleled quality/price ratio using its Fair Use Policy with small and medium businesses, as well as low-cost pre-paid volume-based services (using scratch card for refills) to SOHO and seasonal users.

SatADSL is able to provide a such a diverse portfolio of services and other custom products by defining various service profiles and enforcing SLAs and traffic policies.

Monitoring and Management Facilities

SatADSL enables its ISP partners to have full control of their customer’s network and allows them to manage and monitor their end user’s accounts through our proprietary web based Customer Management Tool (CMT).

Our ISP partners are able to freely and remotely activate/suspend their own terminals, reset and change SLA, access accounting data, etc. The CMT provides monitoring capabilities through friendly GUIs to our partners and their end users, to access and check terminal installation parameters, data rates and volume consumption.

Personalised Relationship

SatADSL is proud to work with an ever extending network of highly qualified local ISP partners – adding a major value to our IP access services to meet our customers’ vast range of requirements.

SatADSL growing and dedicated sales force frequently visits the African region to establish long-term and true win-win relationships with our partners and assist them with important meetings and commercial initiatives. Our local presence through our business relationships with in-country partners enables us to better serve our clientele and reinforce our knowledge and understanding of the African market.

Tailored Approach

With more than 20 years of experience in the satellite communications field, the SatADSL technical team designs and tailors solutions for the most complex requirement that meet our customers’ communication needs and budget constraints.

Our personalised customer relationship is at the heart of our tailored approach to complex requirements.

Continuous R&D

Our continuous R&D work and initiatives backed by the European Space Agency allow SatADSL keeping a competitive edge within the dynamic satellite communications field.

Our firm belief in innovation within the fast evolving market of telecommunications drives our engineering team to improve existing services and/or design new services in line with our customer needs and requirements.