HUB Operators


SatADSL has conceived 2 approaches to help HUB operators optimize their capacity offer.


You use our C-SDP - Type 1

SatADSL helps you to offer any kind of services on your hub(s) whatever the technology: dedicated , contended, volume based service, VNO, etc.

SatADSL also helps you the possibility to improve payment process thanks to prepaid vouchers and on line payments

SatADSL Customer Management tools (CMT) will be made available in white label for you and your network of resellers.

We will also offer you the tools to optimize your Hub bandwidth management

Business Model = Revenue Sharing:

  • 90% to hub operators
  • 10% SatADSL

SatADSL resells your Capacity – Type 2

SatADSL offers you the possibility to sell your satellite capacities to SatADSL Reseller Network and to other Hub Operators connected to SatADSL SDP

SatADSL offers guarantee of payment by collecting the money

1st level support is done by the local Partners of SatADSL, while 2nd level support is done by SatADSL

Business Model = Revenue Sharing:

  • 80% to hub operators
  • 20% SatADSL