Media & Broadcasting


Radio and television broadcasting companies worldwide need to broadcast their programs across the entire nations, contents and beyond reliably, and at an affordable price. This is also a challenge facing private network operators offering e-learning services to schools and universities.

SatADSL’s multi-cast solution for streaming audio and video is the answer to that challenge. Multi-cast communication enables the simultaneous streaming of a bundle of audio or video channels to a group of satellite terminals, with bit rates ranging from a few Kbps to 20 Mbps. The solution is easy to use and exceptionally reliable thanks to the use of Adaptive Modulation and Coding (AMC) technology that mitigates potential weather conditions and is fast to install.

Satellite costs are also cut significantly thanks to information being sent in a single transmission, regardless of the number of satellite terminals. The two-way satellite terminals also allow for the monitoring of the entire multi-cast service, including real-time visibility on all connections.




Radio broadcasting companies use FM transmitters scattered over a vast areas to broadcast their programs. They need a reliable way to send the signal to each repeater at an affordable price.


Multi-casting technology allows SatADSL to design a custom-made service for radio broadcasting companies. Implementing a multi-cast network is simple. All it takes is a standard satellite terminal with a parabolic dish antenna of one meter diameter, which should then be connected to an MP3 steam decoder with the analog output reserved for the FM transmitter Once the stream is routed to Brussels via satellite link or over an optical fiber, SatADSL can provide the satellite streaming.



Television broadcasting companies face the same challenges as radio broadcasters, needing reliable connections at an affordable price.


SatADSL offers television broadcasting companies IP solutions such as IPTV or webcast. Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) transmitters within the SatADSL satellite coverage area only need a single satellite hop, allowing for direct program transmission from the production center to the transmitters.


SatADSL has designed an innovative, personalized, reliable solution at an affordable price for schools, health centers and universities using e-learning applications in remote and rural areas.

This advanced technology offers a valuable tool for development by enabling high-quality video streaming, real-time interactivity and reliable interconnections.