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SatADSL service relies on Sat3Play technology developed by Newtec.

Our system offers 3 key advantages:

  1. The Sat3Play system is a proven technology, currently used by 130,000 consumers and businesses in Europe
  2. In addition, the end-user equipment is inexpensive in comparison with other VSAT installation options
  3. Last but not least, the system is based on simple hardware, enabling self-installation

In the standard configuration, SatADSL customers use a terminal composed of the following elements:

  1. A satellite modem SAT2200 or SAT3100 and its power supply
  2. An iLNB, outdoor transmitter/receiver, combining what in the classical VSAT are called LNB and BUC into one unit, with a transmitting power of 800mW
  3. A 1m or 1,2m offset antenna or a double (TX, RX) coaxial cable connecting the modem to the iLNB
  4. An Ethernet cable connecting the modem to the user’s PC or router

Various models are available

Option #1: the full package


Option #1 consists in a full package.

The SAT2200 Satellite Terminal is a complete terminal composed of a Newtec MDM2200 IP modem, an antenna dish, an interactive amplifier/receiver (iLNB), a 30m coaxial cable and a Point & Play® device that provides satellite identification and eases pointing thanks to an audio feedback. This unique Point & Play® easy-installation technology supports the installation of the complete terminal without any expensive tooling or specific qualification of the installer.

Newtec MDM2200

Newtec MDM2200

The SAT2200 Satellite Terminal is available in 2 versions:

  1. 1M Satellite Terminal package made of: MDM2200 IP modem + 1-meter antenna dish + 800mW iLNB2140 interactive amplifier/receiver (iLNB)
  2. 1,2M Satellite Terminal (to be used at the edge of the beam and/or in areas with heavy rainfalls) made of: MDM2200 IP modem + 1,2-meter antenna dish + 800mW iLNB2141 interactive amplifier/receiver (iLNB)

Main features

  • The MDM2200 modem provides currently up to 500 simultaneous TCP/IP sessions
  • The MDM2200 signal can reach 256 kbps throughput in the Return link when a 800mW iLNB is used, and 512kbps with a 2W iLNB.
  • The MDM2200 has a single Gigabit Ethernet LAN port with 1 static public IP address

More informations on the SAT2200 Satellite Terminal are available in this PDF.

Option #2: the modem


Option #2 consists in a versatile modem that can be combined with outdoor units (ODU) produced by manufacturers other than Newtec.

The MDM3100 modem can be used with different ODUs: it is compatible with Newtec’s ODUs but also with off-the-shelf VSAT amplifiers (BUC), receivers (LNBs) and antennas dishes (>= 1,2m) from other manufacturers.


Newtec MDM3100

Main features

  • Currently, the MDM3100 can manage  up to 1.000 simultaneous TCP/IP sessions, an later on, up to 1.500
  • The MDM3100 signal can reach 1 Mbps throughput in the Return link when used with high power BUCs (> 3W)
  • The MDM3100 has a 4 Gigabit Ethernet LAN ports with up to 4 static public IP addresses

More information on SAT3100 Satellite Modem can be found in this PDF.

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