Business Services

Business Service Plans

SatADSL offers a wide range of subscriptions aimed at SME’s and Corporates’ branch offices or corporations located in areas where terrestrial services are unreliable or non-existent.

Each subscription is defined by its speed and the monthly volume allocation. SatADSL wants to support its clients, therefore the traffic is continuously managed to guarantee a low congestion. This means that SAtADSL’s clients always get a better service than terrestrial ADSL users.

Once the volume allocation is reached, you are still able to access  the Internet and execute your daily tasks at a lower speed. Alternatively you can order a FUP reset. You’ll be granted another amount of volume and regain your nominal service plan speed.

SatADSL currently offers service plans from 256/64 kbps (down/up) to 6144/256 kbps (down/up) in terms of maximum data rate, and from 1,2 GB/month to 60 GB/month in terms of volume.