Corporate Services

Unlimited Volume Service Plan

SatADSL offers secured and reliable corporate communications. We understand that your organisation needs unique business solutions tailored to your specific needs.

That is why SatADSL offers a range of reliable, technologically advanced and innovative solutions aimed specifically at larger businesses.

Unlimited services are designed to serve any office of 5 to 25 computers. The volume of data that can be consumed is unlimited.

The speed can be chosen among the various options: from 256 kpbs to 2 Mbps (in the forward link).

Those unlimited services are available at various contentions (the maximum number of people with whom you’ll share bandwidth): 1:2, 1:4, 1:10, 1:20.

Volume Pool Service Plan

SatADSL designs efficient  solutions. As a lot of corporations are organized in a network, SatADSL has created a Volume Pool service plan dedicated to a network of offices that must gain an IP access.

Our volume pool services offer bulk capacity to a fleet of terminals belonging to the same network and sharing this bulk capacity.

Instead of offering each terminal a specific service package, the customer’s terminal manager can freely attribute the service package most appropriate to any terminal, any time, through the Customer Management Tool (CMT).