January 4, 2021

Exhibition at European Radio Show, Paris

From Thursday 25 to Saturday 27 January 2018, SatADSL welcomes you at the European Radio Show in Paris. Discover the SatADSL solutions for broadcasting and multicasting: financially interesting, fast to implement, and easy to use.

This year’s European Radio Show will take place in La Villette. Enjoy three days of sessions, debates, and workshops with 6,000 visitors and 120 exhibitors over more than 4,000 m². The 2018 edition will have a special focus on digital audio and broadcasting. The particularly lively and colorful show not only celebrates professionals in media content creation but also those providing broadcast technologies. SatADSL will be attending the show to present its solutions for broadcasting and multicasting, offering numerous opportunities to local and national radio stations.

In particular in Africa, radio broadcasting companies face the challenge of broadcasting programs with FM transmitters scattered over a vast region. They seek a reliable way to send the signal to each repeater (the device that receives and regenerates the signal) at an affordable price. Today, the satellite solution is the cheapest, fastest to implement (in only a few weeks), and easiest to use – especially in regions without terrestrial IP connectivity. The two-way satellite terminals of SatADSL allow for the monitoring of the entire broadcast chain. The SatADSL service also offers a network operator comprehensive real-time visibility on every satellite connection.

The SatADSL team awaits you at stand A10 of the European Radio Show in Paris to explain all this in detail. To welcome you in the best conditions, we invite you to contact us today at or +32 2 351 33 74 to arrange for a meeting.

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