January 4, 2021

Deploying Nation-Wide ATMs for Banking & Mobile Money West Africa

SES announced that SatADSL, a Belgium-based satellite service operator and partner of SES Broadband Services, will present new solutions that supports the deployment of nation-wide ATM networks in Africa at the upcoming AITEC Banking and Mobile Money West Africa Conference to be held in Lagos from 13-14 of March.

In September 2012, SES Broadband Services signed an agreement with SatADSL for the distribution of its broadband solution to businesses, banks, non-governmental organisations and governmental institutions in remote areas throughout Sub-Saharan Africa. This new service will allow ATM operators to deploy cash machines in small towns where terrestrial communication services are not available, unreliable or too expensive; the service has been successfully demonstrated and used by several African banks that are planning large scale ATM deployments.SatADSL currently runs three pilot projects for ATM deployment with banks in Ghana, Cameroon and Zambia.

“We are delighted to cooperate with SatADSL and provide our satellite broadband service for the deployment of nation-wide ATM networks in Africa, which will help regional banks to expand in the region and satisfy customers wherever they are. Our satellite-based broadband service is an ideal solution for remote locations and will ensure secure and fast data transmission in Africa.”SatADSL already successfully offers low-cost satellite networking solutions to more than one hundred money transfer offices of Express Union and EMI Transfert that are located in remote areas, bringing those financial services closer to African citizens” Patrick Biewer, Managing Director of SES Broadband Services.

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