Case Study #8: EcoBank

EcoBank, the largest bank in Africa, has chosen the solution designed by SatADSL for deploying a network of ATMs across Ghana. During the test phase, Ecobank evaluated secure communication between an ATM terminal in a service station in Accra and the bank’s headquarters in Accra, from there to the headquarters in Paris, and finally to the clearing server in Cairo, Egypt.

The transmission route was Accra to Luxembourg via an ASTRA 4A satellite link, then Luxembourg to Accra via the optical fiber, followed by Accra to Paris via a C-band NSS10 satellite link, and finally Paris to Cairo via the same satellite link.

SatADSL used an Internet Protocol Security (IPsec) Virtual Private Network (VPN) with IPv4 Layer 3 Tunneling Protocol (L3TP) and addressed security issues of authentication, integrity, and confidentiality. The IPSec protocols encrypted and encapsulated the IP packet inside the IPSec packet at the entrance of the tunnel. At the endpoint of the tunnel, the IP packet was de-encapsulated and encrypted again for its final destination.

Ecobank’s own VPN fully ensured the end-to-end security.