Why SatADSL?

Whether its connecting the home or the business, it’s simple with SatADSL.

At the end user office, a PC or LAN can be connected to the SatADSL modem with an Ethernet cable.

In the office, the end user – with the help of a partner-distributor if needed – will install the antenna on the roof of the premises. The Point & Play tool enables self-installation thanks to a pointing assistance system.

There’s no need for a software or driver, so the user can start browsing right away. The data is transmitted from the modem to the satellite via an encrypted radio signal. The satellite then bounces the data down to a hub station located in Europe. The latter is connected to the IP backbone through reliable, high data-rate connections.

From then, the end user can access any server connected to public networks and available on the cloud.

Satellite or terrestrial?

  • Service availability is much wider with satellite, versus terrestrial ADSL and fiber. All it takes is a good view of the sky!
  • Satellite doesn’t depend on local infrastructure, guaranteeing high levels of reliability.

SatADSL or another satellite solution?

  • Compared to traditional VSAT solutions, the SatADSL platform uses a different approach for bandwidth management, sharing large amounts of bandwidth among a large number of users to make the most of statistical multiplexing.
  • Our plans are tailor-made to ensure that bandwidth is allocated according to the business’ needs.