Telco’s & MNO’s


SatADSL also offers specific solutions for licensed Global Telecom Services Providers who deliver Data/Internet connectivity as part of their other services such as mobile and fixed telephony.


Cloud Services Delivery Platform (C-SDP)

Based on our physical infrastructure the C-SDP offers the following substantial and unique advantages to partners ISP:

  • No up-front Investment and CAPEX
  • Reduced OPEX
  • Fast Time to Market
  • No commitment
  • Optimize and Global Coverage
  • Multi Satellites, Multi- Bands 5 C, Ku& Ka) and Multi-Technologies (Newtec, Idirect, etc.)
  • Customer Management tools +White Label customer self-care
  • Very large choice of predefined services (95% of the market demand)
  • Ultra-flexible billing system (Time, volume, unlimited, etc.)
  • Integrated On-line payment solution (Mobile money)
  • Application Management Policy (Bandwidth &Segregation)

Network Management System and Customer Applications Management Tools

Located in a Tier 1 Data Centre, the C-SDP includes the following physical and software components:

  • Network Management System (NMS)
  • Customer Management Tools (CMT) (Including Customer self-care)
  • Billing System (BS)
  • Wi-Fi-Hot-Spot Management System

The C-SDP is accessible throughout a web portal which allows the partners ISP to manage the status of the satellite links and on their own clients: subscription type, signal level, real-time traffic analysis, data consumption, etc.

Customer Management Tools

SatADSL provides ISP partners and their clients with a monitoring tool call the “Customer Management Tools” (CMT). With the CMT ISP partners can activate, suspend or manage subscriptions for their customer user terminals. They can do this in real-time and according to their clients’ needs. Additional functionalities of the CMT include real-time monitoring of the satellite antenna pointing direction, service availability and connection quality, and measuring the connection speed and many other parameters.

To guarantee service continuity, SatADSL is continuously monitoring the status of the links and transmits this information to the ISP partners. Monitoring makes it, for instance, possible to trigger automated alarms in case of connectivity problems or hardware failure.

The monitoring tool is particularly suitable for business applications where permanent connectivity is vital. For example, it will notify a bank in real-time of a connection problem with one of its ATMs, allowing it to send a technician on-site.

Integrated Flexible Billing System

Another component of the C-SDP is billing which allows the ISP partners to bill their customers with a full of flexible possibility. As we know that the core billing system is a critical part of ISP or Telco businesses, SatADSL has developed an in-house billing solution to ensure that the core billing of its partners will not be touched. This allows the ISP to integrate as fast as possible the satellite connectivity offer into their own catalogues of services and by avoiding lengthy IT integration process.

The billing system allows the ISP partners to do very flexible billing scheme like airtime based, volume based, unlimited, etc.

Application Management Policy

SatADSL is continuously developing new application to ensure that ISP partners get important value-added services for their customer. SatADSL has developed a new application management policy tools which allow ISP to do bandwidth management or segregate certain traffic like WhatsApp, Skype, Facebook etc. This added value service can be monetized in addition to connectivity services.