Financial Sector


Banks offering ATM services, microfinance institutions, and money transfer companies have very specific needs for which SatADSL offers secure and custom-made solutions.


When banks, microfinance institutions, and money transfer companies want to expand their presence and increase their clientele, they need to improve their offer of financial services in the most remote and rural areas. Ground infrastructure is often limited in such areas and unable to offer a reliable and cost-effective solution for the type of services these companies need.


SatADSL offers a turnkey solution for connecting all remote branches –agents, ATMs–  in a secure environment. SatADSL makes sure the remote branches can process vital transactions on the central servers.



transactions are securely processed using an Internet Protocol Security (IPsec) Virtual Private Network (VPN) or a web application with SSL/HTTPS protocols. SatADSL can also provide other VPN options or design other types of secure networks. The ATM service of SatADSL easily handles end-to-end VPN configurations, even with several satellite jumps.


SatADSL can prioritize the financial transactions by reserving a predetermined amount of bandwidth for this high-priority traffic. This configuration ensures that financial transactions are always serviced, regardless of the level of network congestion at any given time.


an affordable cost for both capital expenditures (CAPEX) and operational expenditures (OPEX), particularly in comparison to traditional radio local loop systems requiring expensive mast and radio techniques.


exceptional reliability, thanks to the use of Adaptive Modulation and Coding (AMC) technology mitigating the effect of weather conditions (rain fade).


once the configuration of the designed solution has successfully been tested at any given site, SatADSL can deploy it quickly across a country, or even across a continent. The deployment rate could be up to several hundred installations per month, with the same attractive financial conditions for both CAPEX and OPEX.


the operator has comprehensive real-time visibility on all satellite connections of the network.


Financial Institutions


Banks want to expand the range and availability of their services through a network of ATMs. However, creating and connecting a large network of remote ATMs at a low cost is a challenging task, even more in remote areas in Africa with limited or non-existent connectivity.


SatADSL has designed a custom-made solution with the support of the European Space Agency (ESA). The solution is easily deployed, extremely reliable and comes at a very affordable price (less than 100 euros per month). By creating a VPN tunnel for prioritized and secure transactions in real-time, SatADSL enables financial institutions to deploy a network even in the most remote and rural areas.

A VPN guarantees secure ATM transactions, using Internet Protocol Security (IPsec) in most cases. The ATM service of SatADSL easily handles end-to-end VPN configurations, even with several satellite jumps.

Case Study

EcoBank, the largest bank in Africa, has chosen the solution designed by SatADSL for deploying a network of ATMs across Ghana. During the test phase, Ecobank evaluated secure communication between an ATM terminal in a service station in Accra and the bank’s headquarters in Accra, from there to the headquarters in Paris, and finally to the clearing server in Cairo, Egypt.

The transmission route was Accra to Luxembourg via an ASTRA 4A satellite link, then Luxembourg to Accra via the optical fiber, followed by Accra to Paris via a C-band NSS10 satellite link, and finally Paris to Cairo via the same satellite link.

SatADSL used an Internet Protocol Security (IPsec) Virtual Private Network (VPN) with IPv4 Layer 3 Tunneling Protocol (L3TP) and addressed security issues of authentication, integrity, and confidentiality. The IPSec protocols encrypted and encapsulated the IP packet inside the IPSec packet at the entrance of the tunnel. At the endpoint of the tunnel, the IP packet was de-encapsulated and encrypted again for its final destination.

Ecobank’s own VPN fully ensured the end-to-end security.

Money Transfer Companies


Money transfer companies need to digitize their daily activities if they want to improve service quality, increase employee productivity and sustain growth. This digitization process is typically hampered by a lack of affordable Internet solutions in remote and rural areas.


SatADSL has designed a custom-made solution to enable branches of money transfer companies in remote and rural areas to execute transactions securely and in real-time. This solution is available at a very affordable cost (from 99 euros per month).

The money transfer transactions are securely processed using a web application with SSL/HTTPS protocols. This solution offers excellent latency, better than other competing services.

Case Study

SatADSL designed a solution for Express Union, the leading money transfer company in Cameroon that wanted to launch a low-cost service for domestic transactions.

This low-cost service was quickly attracting a lot of customers, encouraging Express Union to set up a physical presence in remote and rural areas. The company faced connectivity challenges due to the unreliable terrestrial network. The traditional VSAT system was reliable but too expensive for cost-effective deployment. SatADSL designed a solution to overcome these issues. The branches of Union Express are now transferring money through wire transfers. The transactions are secure, in real-time, and at a lower cost, with over one hundred branches in Cameroon equipped.

Microfinance Institutions


With limited financial resources, microfinance institutions still need to offer national coverage. This is a major constraint since remote and rural areas can only be connected by satellite. Even in suburban areas covered by cellular operators, satellite connectivity is still indispensable due to the congestion of the terrestrial network during the daytime. While the data volumes of microfinance institutions are typically low, their interactions need stable connectivity and maximum security.


SatADSL can offer microfinance institutions a solution at an affordable cost. The excellent availability of satellite connectivity guarantees the continuing fluidity and security of all transactions. SatADSL is proud to have solid references, including microfinance institutions in Congo, Ghana, Mali, and Cameroon.