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Example of tailor-made solutions

Money Transfer Company (MTC) services

Money Transfer Companies (MTC) need to digitalize their day-to-day business to improve their services quality, their employees’ productivity and pursue their growth. The process of digitalization is impeded by a lack of affordable internet solutions in remote areas.

SatADSL has developed a tailored package to enable MTCs to execute safely on a real time basis all the transactions of their branch offices located in remote areas. SatADSL has developed and extensively field tested its MTC solution to provide this tailored solution at an affordable price (from 137 USD/month).

ATM/DAB services

Banks want to expand the scope and availability of their services thanks to ATM networks. But creating a large network of scattered ATM and connecting the latter at a low cost has proved to be a challenge that is difficult to solve.

SatADSL has developed with ESA a tailored solution that is easily rolled-out, perfectly reliable and cost effective (from 89USD/month). Thanks to our ATM solution, the transactions are performed securely through a VPN tunneling. The ATM transactions are reliably and safely executed as the corresponding portion of traffic can also be prioritized.

Back up services

Most corporations have business critical processes that cannot be suspended every time the internet such as provided by fiber or WiMax is stopped for a few hours or even days. Employees must be able to pursue their daily tasks, e-mails must be sent, databases must be updated etc…

SatADSL offers a low-cost backup service meant to serve a customer network when the corporation main connection is down, for a unpredictable period of time.

Real-time multicasting services

Sharing information between money sites can be challenging and expensive once the organization has reached a certain size.

SatADSL has developed multicasting services that enable Headquarters to simultaneously send the same information to a large number of sites in an affordable, efficient way over a very wide territory.