Business Services


Cost Effectiveness

SatADSL optimises the bandwidth and continuously monitors the traffic to reach cost effectiveness while maintaining high service levels and capacities.


—SatADSL solutions rely on VSAT equipment manufactured by Newtec. It embeds cutting edge technologies such as Adaptive Coding and Modulation (ACM). ACM further increases the connection’s reliability and ensures that the communication is maintained even in case of heavy rain. In addition, the most critical traffic can be tagged and directed through priority channels to guarantee that such critical traffic will go through, despite  possible high level of network congestion or when monthly volume threshold is reached.

Service Delivery Platform

SatADSL wants to offer flexible and customised service to its customers, keeping short response time and service affordability. Therefore SatADSL has developed a state-of-the-art Service Delivery Platform consisting of a Customer Management Tool and a Network Management System allowing SatADSL to continuously manage the network, offer new services and enabling end-users to monitor their remote terminals. For example, the network administrator of a financial institution can monitor the performance of each and every remote site of his network and confirm that transactions are executed smoothly.


—SatADSL connections are compatible with Virtual Private Networks (VPN). VPN allows users to encrypt traffic and guarantee security and confidentiality of the information exchanged even though the traffic  goes through the Internet. SatADSL can also provide private IP addresses to be associated to the remote terminals to create a fully private corporate network and connect these sites to the company headquarters through MPLS.

Examples of applications

Financial sector

Money-transfer companies, micro-finance institutions, Banks, ATM, etc.


Banks, micro-finance institutions as well as money transfer companies are trying to expand their footprint to grow their client basis and improve the penetration rate of financial services in the most rural and remote areas. Beyond the limit of terrestrial infrastructure, there is no cost-effective solution that enable such financial institution to roll-out their services.


SatADSL acts as an enabler by providing a turnkey solution that connects all the remote branches (agents, ATM, etc…) together in a securised environment and enable business critical transactions to the central servers.

Service industry

Restaurants, hotels, car rental companies


Post-offices, restaurants, hotels and other service-oriented businesses need to improve dramatically their productivity and the service they provide to end users across vast geographical zones and they need to rely on an affordable yet reliable internet connection.


A turnkey solution to enable a network of remote branches to get IP connection. SatADSL connects a dispersed workforce to increase productivity and create greater efficiencies. In addition, our solution includes complementary services (eg: VoIP) to ease and secure day-to-day transactions, a better reporting, to enable global operations management.

Public sector

Churches, schools, hospitals


When schools and universities are beyond the limits of terrestrial broadband services, they cannot benefit from one major educational tool: internet.


SatADSL’s bridges the digital divide. Through two-way networks that enable interactive video conferencing and chat, for instance, organizations can expand any educational or training program worldwide. In addition, up-to-date and very exaustive educational materials can be accessed any time, from any where, at a low cost.