SatADSL at the African Postal Forum

SatADSL showcases its money transfer at Postal Office solutions
in the African Postal Forum starting today in Abidjan, Ivory Coast

SatADSL showcases its money transfer at Postal Office solutions
in the African Postal Forum starting today in Abidjan, Ivory Coast

It’s the seventh edition of the summit, featuring officials of 25 countries and Postal services and more than 300 professionals.

In partnership with Numherit, SatADSL is there to present its innovative solutions to bring reliable connectivity to remote Post Offices in Africa.

SatADSL satellite technology allows Post Offices in rural areas to perform financial operations such as money transfer, invoice payments, loans, credit cards, etc.


Caroline De Vos (left), with partners from Numherit, in the African Postal Forum in Abidjan.

Another opportunity for SatADSL to showcase its outstanding technology to bring satellite internet to rural areas in Africa: the African Postal Forum, the most important summit within this field in the continent, is starting today at Abidjan, Ivory Coast.

The Belgian telecom company is one of the partners of the event, and it’s already present at the venue that hosts the forum.

SatADSL is represented in Abidjan by Caroline De Vos, co-founder and COO of the company, and standing next to its official partner from Senegal, Numherit.

This is the seventh edition of the African Postal Forum, held under the patronage of the Ministry of Post Services and Numeric Economy of Ivory Coast.

The minister Bruno Nabagne is one of the speakers, along with other high officials from Morocco, Tanzania, Lebanon or Switzerland.

Officials from more than 25 countries and more than 300 professionals and key players on the Postal Services area will be networking for the next two days in Abidjan under the slogan “Between Digital Government and Civic Service”.

One of these key players is SatADSL, who keeps on innovating by bringing reliable internet connection via satellite to rural and remote areas in Africa.

One of the most successful connectivity solutions from SatADSL is specifically designed for postal services: it allows Post Offices from rural areas to perform financial operations such as deposits, withdrawals, loans, money transfer and even ATM.

During African Postal Forum, Caroline De Vos will be showcasing this SatADSL specific solution for the African Postal Offices, which is very easy to install and very affordable to maintain: it only uses microVSAT with a 1-meter antenna and guarantees reliable and secure communications.


SatADSL solution for Postal Office

This way, Post Office networks operating in rural areas, only covered by mobile operators that don’t allow reliable connections, will be able to perform their classical postal services plus financial operations. SatADSL’s solution for African Post Offices includes the following:

  • Interconnect remote Post Offices to the Headquarter
  • National and international financial applications:
    • bank accounts,
    • credit cards,
    • savings,
    • deposits,
    • loans,
    • etc.
  • National and international money transfer (Western Union, MoneyGram)
  • Electronic payment services:
    • payment of invoices,
    • pension,
    • insurance,
    • mobile phone,
    • local money transfer,
    • online transactions,
    • e-commerce,
    • etc.

Plus, thanks to its carrier-grade Service Delivery Platform (SDP), SatADSL also provides to Postal Offices applications for monitoring, traffic prioritization and online billing and payment.

SatADSL is proud to offer this service with:

  1. Reliability: the ip-satellite internet offered by SatADSL is available 99,5% of the year, including heavy rain periods.
  2. Security: The financial transactions from the Postal Office can be performed whether through a full private networking, using its own private IP addresses (the highest possible level of security), or with different solutions based on VPN tunnels such as GRE or OpenVPN.
  3. Prioritization: SatADSL system guarantees that the transaction will always go through.
  4. Monitoring: The bank can monitor in real time (24/7) all of its connections thanks to the management tool specially developed by SatADSL.

Postal Offices using with SatADSL technology

Meet SatADSL at African Postal Forum

You’re still on time set up a meeting with SatADSL team during African Postal Forum. If you’re in Abidjan, you can find SatADSL’s booth at the Radisson Blu Hotel, or send an e-mail to to set up a meeting.

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